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Eight reasons for why we come to work

1.    Service quality is most important

We are known for our fast and friendly service. We are working in the name of that reputation on a daily basis.

2.     Simplicity is the key

We do not use complicated specialized foreign words that are often misunderstood even by the people in the industry and that make things complicated for the client.

3.     Our client is our capital

Our customers are paying for our service therefore we take the responsibility report only to them and pay close attention to every feedback given by them.

4.     Speed is the key factor

We value our client’s time. We do not ask our clients to fill out endless forms to read bible sized contracts and to wait for days for our answers.

5.     Hidden expenses are dishonest

We can offer propitious prices to our clients. The price is always final and we do not send any surprise invoices to our clients.

6.     Transportation is not nuclear physics

We do not leave our client in need of help. If we cannot help the client ourselves we will recommend a good competitor who can help.

7.     A long-term contract is not the key to success.

It is the customer´s choice for how long he or she wants to cooperate with us. The client does not have to enter into a 40-year contract to start cooperating with us.

8.     None of us is perfect.

If we make a mistake then we will take responsibility. We take every mistake seriously and make sure we learn from them.

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